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What Causes Pimples On My Body? – Part 1

what causes pimples

Pimples are small papules or pustules. They develop when your oil glands – or sebaceous glands – become infected and clogged. This often leads to the development of red swollen lesions, which are filled with pus.

Also referred to as zits or spots, pimples are also categorized as acne. They mostly occur during puberty, although you can get them at any age. This might be because the production of hormones tends to change during puberty. Read More About Acne

How to Get Rid of Puberty Pimples

Puberty Pimples

Are you looking for information on how to get rid of teenage acne? Then you have come to the right place. One thing to note about puberty pimples, as teenage acne is also called, is that almost every teen gets them.

The acne will appear when the oily substance referred to as sebum clogs up your pores. After that, pimples will start popping up on your shoulders, chest, back, neck, and – most importantly – face.

However, puberty acne does not constitute a serious health risk. The worst that can happen is that if it is severe, it might leave permanent scars and damage your self-esteem.

That said, the sebum that your body produces in excess during your teen years is actually a good thing. This is because your body needs it to fend off harmful bacteria and keep your skin waterproof. Read More About Acne