Hi, I’m Guy Siverson

I’m the moderator of this site and do my best to provide you with high-quality content including a brand new infographic on every content rich page.  Originally, this site was designed as a blog platform for an Amazon storefront but on 12.1.18 I ripped out all 900 pages of Amazon and deleted a boatload of images.

This left me with less than a handful of pages.

It was then time to step up my game by creating a content network that is so unlike anything anyone has seen about acne available on the Web.  While this certainly included robust deep level content on specific acne related topics, I personally believe that even that was not good enough.

That’s why I ensured easy navigation of site content by including the on-page table of contents that is available on each and every content rich page.  I’ve seen others do this but they rarely include easy navigation back to the table of contents menu.  It’s nice to be able to navigate to exactly where you the viewer wants to read, but then having to scroll back to find the menu is simply a pain.  That’s just one of many unique aspects of The Pimple Popper.

We’ve also gone a step further by design with an inclusion of a unique infographic on each and every page.  These resources make it easy for readers just like you to gain a quick understanding of what the content piece being shared is about (at least in part).  Our team then voted to give these infographics away absolutely free even to commercial type projects.


Because we truly do want your experience here at The Pimple Popper to be uniquely different than what you have seen from any other skincare site.  We believe we have the ability to make that happen for almost all (if not all) visitors.

Will we someday bring back the Amazon store?


What’s more important is that our mission is to look for every possible way to go above and beyond your wildest imaginations as it relates to providing clear, concise and invaluable acne skin care related content for you to enjoy.

Guy Siverson

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