Sep 18

Skin: Baby To Baby Boomer

Skin is the largest organ of your body and still many people young and old neglect to care for it in the way that it should. Babies get the lotion treatment until mom or dad thinks it is beyond their years and many times that nighttime routine after bath gets cut. Lotion is something that does not in itself moisturize but rather it locks in moisture that is on the skin say after a shower or bath. Water is the moisturizer really!

Then for teens who want the tan look and do not think about skin cancer and melanoma, they are out in the sun unprotected from the rays. That or they are going to tanning salons that use that same ultraviolet light that fries their skin. Looking into a safe way to do that is really the best of both worlds–like with a Simi Valley spray tan. It provides something that lasts but also something that is safe to use on skin without those harmful side effects.

For the older crowd it is all about anti-aging and taking away those smile lines and wrinkles. It is an attempt to regain what they had in their youthful years. If hindsight really is twenty-twenty then we should learn that taking care of your skin starts back at the beginning and doing habits of lotion and protection from the sun. That will ensure that your later years will have less wrinkles, discolorations, sun spots, etc.

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