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Acne Skin Care Comparison Charts


Skin Restoring Elements



Exposed ClearPores Zen Med Proactiv Murad
Benzoly Peroxide
Eradicates Acne
Yes No No Yes No
Salicylic Acid
Yes Yes Yes No No
Glycolic Acid
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dries Sebum
Yes No No No Yes
Azelaic Acid
Yes No No No No
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Proven to Heal Skin



Exposed ClearPores Zen Med Proactiv Murad
Green Tea
Kills Acne
Yes No No No No
Passion Flower
Yes No No No No
Aloe Vera
Irritated Skin
Yes Yes Yes No No
Sage Extract
Free Redicals
Yes No Yes No No
Skin Healing
Yes No No No No
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Types of Skin Worked With



Exposed ClearPores Zen Med Proactiv Murad
Normal Skin

Good Good Good Good Good
Sensitive Skin Good Good Good Bad Bad
Oily Skin Good Good Good Good Good
(60-day supply)
$49.95 $53.99 $79.97 $39.90 $59.95
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Apr 18

Suntegrity Sunscreens Debut Zinc Oxide Based Tinted Natural Sunscreen Line at The International Congress of Esthetics and Spas, Long Beach Tradeshow

Marina del Rey, CA (PRWEB) October 01, 2013

Suntegrity Skincrae debued their extensive line of Zinc Oxide Based Tinted Natural Sunscreens at The International Congress of Esthetics and Spas, Long Beach Tradeshow.

According to natural health practitioner, licensed esthetician and founder of Suntegrity Skincare, Tricia Trimble, “Vitamins are not the only nutrients that should be on your health radar. To stay healthy, your body needs a daily dose of the right vitamins and the right minerals. One of those crucial minerals is zinc, a major mineral which affects a variety of your physiological processes and body parts, including the largest organ, your skin. That is why we chose, zinc oxide as the active ingredient in all of our sunscreens.”

Zinc is like an on-call skin mechanic. It helps repair damaged tissues and heals wounds. Believe it or not, without zinc, your body’s inside and outside repair time and possible health costs go up. Zinc’s main antioxidant function is in the prevention of fat oxidation. In addition, it is a constituent of the antioxidant enzyme superoxide dismutase (SOD). Zinc is also needed for proper maintenance of vitamin E levels in the blood and aids in the absorption of vitamin A.

Minerals are essential to your overall health and development, helping the body grow and take care of itself. Research suggests that zinc is particularly effective in treating topical irritations and injuries, such as acne, skin sores and minor wounds, by helping cells to regenerate.

Zinc’s potential advantages for your skin include the following:

Anti-aging/Sun damage – A very important use for zinc includes protecting skin from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. Whether you realize it or not, you may already be using zinc to prevent skin cancer every time you apply your favorite sunscreen; many sunscreens that provide broad spectrum UV protection contain zinc oxide. Recently, researchers have begun conducting further investigations into the anti-cancerous benefits of zinc by looking at how it may help prevent skin cancer recurrence in cancer patients.

Acne – Using zinc topically and taking it orally has shown some potential in preventing and alleviating the inflammation and scarring associated with acne. Zinc may help nip zits in the bud by reducing the amount of natural oil, or sebum, produced in the skin. It may also help heal damaged skin around acne that does develop. Some research has indicated that acne formation results in part from a lack of zinc in the diet .

Scalp conditions – Dandruff and some fungal infections of the scalp have been shown to respond to the use of shampoos containing zinc.

Diaper Rash – Zinc may help prevent and heal diaper rash.

Food/Nutrition – An insufficient amount of zinc in your diet can have unpleasant consequences for your skin, as well as for your overall health. Wounds generally heal more slowly, and you may be more likely to develop skin lesions and acne. Other possible results of zinc deficiency include hair loss, weight loss, lethargy, eye problems and skin rashes.

Although more research is needed, studies have also shown that zinc may aid in the treatment of several other skin conditions, including eczema, psoriasis, burns, boils and leg ulcers.

“It seems clear that zinc does yield many potential health benefits for you and your skin, At the very least, zinc has positive effects in tissue healing and is essential for regular cell growth and regeneration,” says Tricia. That is why this years Allure 2013 Best of Beauty Natural Wonder winner Suntegrity Natural Moisturizing Face Sunscreen & Primer boasts a 20% zinc oxide based sunscreen formula.

About Suntegrity:

Suntegrity Skincare is a natural, healthy and holistic sunscreen line developed by Tricia Trimble after losing her mother to melanoma skin cancer. Suntegrity sunscreens use only the best known physical/mineral sunscreen ingredient (non-nano size zinc oxide) to provide Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB SPF30 protection, along with youth-promoting antioxidants to help with skin repair. Suntegrity never uses synthetic UV chemical blockers, fragrances, or parabens in their formulas. For more information, visit SuntegritySkincare.com.

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