Nov 15

Acne Skin Care Comparison Charts


Skin Restoring Elements



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Benzoly Peroxide
Eradicates Acne
Yes No No Yes No
Salicylic Acid
Yes Yes Yes No No
Glycolic Acid
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dries Sebum
Yes No No No Yes
Azelaic Acid
Yes No No No No
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Proven to Heal Skin



Exposed ClearPores Zen Med Proactiv Murad
Green Tea
Kills Acne
Yes No No No No
Passion Flower
Yes No No No No
Aloe Vera
Irritated Skin
Yes Yes Yes No No
Sage Extract
Free Redicals
Yes No Yes No No
Skin Healing
Yes No No No No
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Types of Skin Worked With



Exposed ClearPores Zen Med Proactiv Murad
Normal Skin

Good Good Good Good Good
Sensitive Skin Good Good Good Bad Bad
Oily Skin Good Good Good Good Good
(60-day supply)
$49.95 $53.99 $79.97 $39.90 $59.95
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Jul 26

Allegheny Health Network Partners with Regions EMS Providers to Advance Treatment of Heart Attack Patients

Pittsburgh PA (PRWEB) November 07, 2013

When a heart attack strikes, time is never on the victims side. Without swift treatment to restore blood flow to the heart, a patients chances of survival or escaping serious cardiovascular injury diminish by the minute. Thats particularly true for a dangerous type of heart attack called ST-elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI), in which a coronary artery is completely blocked.

Allegheny Health Network physician leaders announced today that they are standardizing a newer concept in heart attack care that seeks to improve STEMI outcomes by enabling Emergency Medical Services (EMS) providers throughout western Pennsylvania to diagnose patients from the field and alert hospital cardiac catheterization teams to begin preparing for their arrival.

The First Contact-to-balloon initiative, also called EMS-to-Balloon (E2B), builds on the concept of door-to-balloon time and pushes STEMI care to the next level, said Thomas Campbell, MD, Chair of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Allegheny Health Network.

National guidelines established by the American Heart Association call for a door-to-balloon time the time it takes from when a patient arrives at the hospital emergency department to when their blocked blood vessel is opened with a balloon catheter of 90 minutes or less.

First Contact marks a major change in how we have traditionally approached the broader management of patients who suffer a heart attack outside the hospital, Dr. Campbell said. Time is the most important factor in determining who survives a heart attack, and First Contact protocols have shown the capacity to very effectively shorten the time it takes for patients to receive the treatment they need.

All Allegheny Health Network hospitals with cardiac catheterization labs are participating in the First Contact program, including Allegheny General Hospital, Forbes Hospital, Jefferson Hospital, Saint Vincent Hospital and West Penn Hospital.

Several of those hospitals, including Forbes, Jefferson and Saint Vincent already have well established STEMI first contact protocols with EMS in their respective communities. Participating EMS providers in these programs can digitally transmit patient electrocardiogram results to hospital medical teams while en-route for timely assessment of the patients needs before arrival.

Electrocardiograms interpret the hearts electrical activity via electrodes that are attached to the surface of the skin. The technology measures the rate and regularity of heart beats, the size and position of the hearts chambers and the presence of any heart damage.

At Saint Vincent, such collaboration with EMS has reduced the average door-to-balloon time to 45 minutes. At Forbes, the average is 65 minutes and at Jefferson its 66 minutes all significantly below the AHAs 90 minute benchmark.

By investing in the capabilities of EMS providers, we have greatly enhanced the quality of healthcare available to those who live in our communities. Without question, this unique collaboration has helped save lives, said Adrian DAmico, MD, Chair, Department of Emergency Medicine at Forbes Hospital.

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