Nov 15

Acne Skin Care Comparison Charts


Skin Restoring Elements



Exposed ClearPores Zen Med Proactiv Murad
Benzoly Peroxide
Eradicates Acne
Yes No No Yes No
Salicylic Acid
Yes Yes Yes No No
Glycolic Acid
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dries Sebum
Yes No No No Yes
Azelaic Acid
Yes No No No No
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Proven to Heal Skin



Exposed ClearPores Zen Med Proactiv Murad
Green Tea
Kills Acne
Yes No No No No
Passion Flower
Yes No No No No
Aloe Vera
Irritated Skin
Yes Yes Yes No No
Sage Extract
Free Redicals
Yes No Yes No No
Skin Healing
Yes No No No No
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Types of Skin Worked With



Exposed ClearPores Zen Med Proactiv Murad
Normal Skin

Good Good Good Good Good
Sensitive Skin Good Good Good Bad Bad
Oily Skin Good Good Good Good Good
(60-day supply)
$49.95 $53.99 $79.97 $39.90 $59.95
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Oct 01

Pimple Treatment At Home Popped

Pimple Treatment at Home

Whether you are a teenager seeking pimple treatment at home options for the first time or an adult dealing with acne for the tenth time in your life, you no doubt have questions about how to live with it.

For example, do you pop that pimple or not?

We will look at thoughts on both sides of the pimple below.

Pimple Treatment At Home without Popping

Don’t pop that pimple!

While it is extremely tempting to pop that irritating pimple on your face, doing so could lead to permanent scarring. It will also leave that pimple redder and bigger than it was before and it will take a longer time for the acne to clear up

A pimple treatment at home option would be found in a steam treatment for moderate to mild acne. Do not use steam treatments if acne is inflamed or extensive.

Here is the process:

  • Simmer 2 to 4 tablespoons of dried lavender in a pot of water.
  • When water is boiling, remove from heat source and sit with your face at a comfortable distance from the steam with a towel trapping the steam for about 15 minutes.
  • Rinse face with cold water after 15 minutes.

Try to reduce the amount of stress in your life as a pimple treatment at home remedy.

Stress is infamous as a psychological burden with physical consequences on the body. By being stressed you exacerbate your acne and make your problem worse. By removing the sources of stress in your life, or at least minimize their impact on your life, your acne will become better.

Stress is a major cause of acne and an aroma bath is just what the doctor ordered for your pimple treatment at home. Create a very calm and peaceful aura in your tub with candles and pleasant aroma scented bubbles. This will help to reduce the anxiety that you have from school or work and unclog your pores in the process.

If you are suffering from acne, make sure to limit your time in the sun. Sun exposure actually makes acne worse. The sun causes your skin to shed more than what’s normal and it will further clog your pores, which will make your acne worse. If you absolutely must go outside, make sure to wear a wide brimmed hat and sun screen.

When trying to cure acne, stay away from alcohol, whether you consume it or use products containing alcohol. Alcohol’s astringent properties work to strip away the top layer of the skin, this causes an increase in oil production. Oil works to clog your pores and cause blemishes and blackheads.

Popping Pimple Treatments At Home

There is no definite scientific method of how to pop a pimple, so most folks do it in the best manner that suits them. The best way say experts is to pop these mugs in such a way that no nasty scar results.

This pimple treatment at home process can be painful, but in this golden era we live in, there definitely should be no excuses for having acne, certainly not with the information and treatment expertise at our disposal.

Almost everyone at one stage in their lives must have experienced peering at their mirror after waking up only to find massive acne leering back at them. The annoying bit about these zits is not only would they attract attention to you, but they are also painful which brings us to the obvious question.

How do you do a pimple treatment at home with popping success?

The simple answer is: squeeze it!

Yeah, because the fashion magazines tell us never to pinch doesn’t mean we shouldn’t. Of course we are aware of the usual caution bits about popping resulting in a scar. This might be a reality, but the cosmetics manuals didn’t exactly instruct people on how to pop a pimple.

  • The process should commence by first cleaning your face from dirt’s, oil and bacteria.
  • The importance of this procedure is that it prevents your fingers from slipping when pressing the acne, but ensures you didn’t press more than twice.
  • Exceeding this limit can cause irritations which in turn can lead to further swelling.

This simple, unambiguous process of pimple treatment at home is how to pop your pimples.

Life After Your Pimple Treatments At Home

Removing acne scars is sometimes difficult. Until recently, most people thought there was no hope of pimple treatment at home other than to live with the scars. However, acne scars can be treated to reduce their appearance. Scar reducing creams are a great option for smaller scars.

  • Rose hip seed oil
  • Lavender oil
  • Aloe Vera

…are natural pimple treatment at home remedies that reduce the scar tissue. There are also home abrasion and chemical peels that can be used for more prominent scaring.

Generally, most fashion and cosmetics authorities will warn against pinching, squeezing, or popping pimples, but everyone knows this is next to impossible, and it is not consistent with natural human reaction. Probably the final arbiter on the issue of how to pop a pimple should be the Internet. You can go online and check out the subject or find out how to get rid of acne in general from the private comfort of your own home.

Now that you know some of the methods that you can use for pimple treatment at home, you will be better prepared to cope with yours. Take the advice that you have learned here and implement it daily so that you lessen the impact that acne has on your life.

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