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Acne Skin Care Comparison Charts


Skin Restoring Elements



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Benzoly Peroxide
Eradicates Acne
Yes No No Yes No
Salicylic Acid
Yes Yes Yes No No
Glycolic Acid
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dries Sebum
Yes No No No Yes
Azelaic Acid
Yes No No No No
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Proven to Heal Skin



Exposed ClearPores Zen Med Proactiv Murad
Green Tea
Kills Acne
Yes No No No No
Passion Flower
Yes No No No No
Aloe Vera
Irritated Skin
Yes Yes Yes No No
Sage Extract
Free Redicals
Yes No Yes No No
Skin Healing
Yes No No No No
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Types of Skin Worked With



Exposed ClearPores Zen Med Proactiv Murad
Normal Skin

Good Good Good Good Good
Sensitive Skin Good Good Good Bad Bad
Oily Skin Good Good Good Good Good
(60-day supply)
$49.95 $53.99 $79.97 $39.90 $59.95
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Jan 29

Awful Pimples

Although it is thought to be a common problem for teenagers, acne can actually hit anybody from the ages 10 to 40. Women in their mid- to late-twenties are especially prone acne problems, regardless of their history with acne. You may never experience an acne problem before and still risk the late twenties acne breakout. Fortunately, in these cases the problem usually disappears in time. These skin problems usually surface where there are numerous oil glands, such as the area of face, chest and back.

Medicinal treatment on pimples can prove to be very effective, especially when it comes to moderate and severe acne. Dermatologists prescribe two kinds of medicine for acne treatment. These could be oral medicines like tablets and capsules or topical medicines like ointments and anti-acne creams. While the topical application medicine contains more or less the ingredients as would a home made remedy, these ingredients are only found in concentrated forms in the medicine. Oral medicines on the other hand comprise of antibiotics in the league of tetracycline, which can sometimes have side effects. Tetracycline is known to impact bone formation negatively and therefore is never prescribed to expectant mothers and growing children.

When it comes to treating severe cases of acne, oral antibiotics come in handy to most dermatologists and health care professionals. The oral medicines attack bacteria called P. acne which results in the reduction of the inflammation and redness of the outbreak. As is normally followed by most doctors, a high dosage is given in the initial stage of the treatment and it is later reduced over a period of time. Although results of this kind of a treatment are effective, they are not achieved immediately. There is also a chance that the bacteria become resistant to acne and one doesn’t achieve the required results.

Sometimes acne cases can become very severe. The cysts become large and highly inflamed in these cases. It is best to consult a dermatologist or health care professional for the treatment of severe acne. Sometimes this treatment may have to go on from time as long as several years. One may have to try out different treatments before finding the kind of treatment that suits the skin type and works to remove the acne. While nobody has been able to explain the cause of acnewith conviction, some schools of thought believe that these are triggered by the hormonal changes that take place inside the human body during different stages of life. Some other causes could also include a stressful lifestyle or a poor dietary pattern. In all these cases the body starts producing excess sebum oil and thus leads to the formation of zits.

Big pimples are awful, and they always find a way to appear on your face before something important like a big date or job interview. Big pimples are actually technically called cystic pimples. Cystic pimples are one of the biggest, worst, and most painful types of pimples. Pimples, even big ones, should start to get better within 3 days of appearing, if your pimple refuses to get better, do not be hesitant to visit a dermatologist or at least call one to see if you should go in for a visit.


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