Nov 15

Acne Skin Care Comparison Charts


Skin Restoring Elements



Exposed ClearPores Zen Med Proactiv Murad
Benzoly Peroxide
Eradicates Acne
Yes No No Yes No
Salicylic Acid
Yes Yes Yes No No
Glycolic Acid
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dries Sebum
Yes No No No Yes
Azelaic Acid
Yes No No No No
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Proven to Heal Skin



Exposed ClearPores Zen Med Proactiv Murad
Green Tea
Kills Acne
Yes No No No No
Passion Flower
Yes No No No No
Aloe Vera
Irritated Skin
Yes Yes Yes No No
Sage Extract
Free Redicals
Yes No Yes No No
Skin Healing
Yes No No No No
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Types of Skin Worked With



Exposed ClearPores Zen Med Proactiv Murad
Normal Skin

Good Good Good Good Good
Sensitive Skin Good Good Good Bad Bad
Oily Skin Good Good Good Good Good
(60-day supply)
$49.95 $53.99 $79.97 $39.90 $59.95
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Oct 23

Derm-X Cloth

Beat the pimple popper blues

Derm-X Cloth

Why You Shouldn’t Be a Pimple Popper

We have all seen people who seem to have a constant scab or open sore on their face as a result of them being what is known as a “pimple popper”. It seems that it is human nature to want to pick away at sores and scabs, even though we know that doing so will only create a worse situation overall. So, if you are a pimple popper and you would finally like the opportunity to enjoy a life that isn’t overshadowed by acne, then this information might be able to help you.

Understanding The Pimple Popper?

When animals have sores or something is bothering them on the surface of their skin, they will lick and scratch until they bleed and it seems that pimple popping is the human equivalent. Especially when you are dealing with a big zit that is causing you pain (and maybe even a little humiliation), it just makes common sense to pop it and get rid of the pus that is inside of it. But, doing so only results in scarring and the spread of infection.

How Else Can You Treat Them?

If your mom called you a pimple popper when you were a kid and you still find yourself looking in the mirror to see if there is anything that you can pop, then it is time for you to change your ways. Every pimple you pop is another one that could end up leaving a permanent acne scar and it is also the easiest way for you to keep causing more acne throughout your skin. So, finding a product that will help to try out that oil and eliminate acne in the first place is something that can reduce the pimple popping.

There are a number of anti-acne products on the market of course, but few of them are complete regimens that will take you from the first thing in the morning until you go to bed at night. With Exposed Skin Care, you get a complete line of products that is natural and therefore safer for your skin, yet also incredibly powerful.

What Are People Saying About Exposed Skin Care Products?

Many people choose this line of products because it is a unique combination of science and nature working together to create a system that addresses the four major causes of acne. Whether you are dealing with too much bacteria, too much oil, clogged pores, or redness and inflammation, Exposed Skin Care can bring an end to your pimple popper days.

Where Should You Buy Exposed Skin Care?

When you buy any anti-acne product in your local store, there is the good chance that you will end up wasting your money on something that won’t work. However, when you buy Exposed Skin Care products online from the official web site, you will get a full 30 day money back guarantee, which basically says that if you don’t have clear skin within 30 days, simply return the products for a refund.

Is Exposed Skin Care Right for You?

Whether you choose this because it is a natural product or because it is so highly reviewed, the truth is that Exposed Skin Care, when used as directed, can really change the look and feel of your skin so much so that your pimple popper days will finally be a thing of the past.


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